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I'm currently going to 10th grade next year, and I'm at a crossroads. I'm trying to choose between 2 schools to attend next year, with my parents factoring a major part into my decision. I will give a rundown of what each school provides and their benefits/drawbacks.

School A is a private school that I have attended for the past 4 years. As a result, I have made many friends there and am happy at that school. The teachers are excellent and I don't think I will get that kind of education in a public school. However, the academics are rigorous and I have doubts that I would be able to put in enough work to get straight A's there, which could affect my college placement (my parents are very academic-focused and insist that I must get at least straight A's in order to continue). My commute is 1 hour one way, so I get up pretty early to get to school by 8:30am. Money is also an issue. $30,000 a year is a lot of money for school. Basically, I like to be there, but I'm not sure whether it's the best for my future.

School B is a public school near my house, so commute is not an issue. It's also free, and it guarantees a spot in a state school, something School A doesn't do. The academics are less rigorous so it would be easier to get Straight A's. However, the quality of the education won't be as good and I may not be as comfortable in a larger school setting. Basically, my future would be a bit brighter, but I won't be getting the same quality I would get in a private school.

Do you have any thoughts about what school I should choose? If you need more information, I would be happy to provide it. I really appreciate any help I receive.


Hi Cameron:

Colleges and universities do differ in their studentsí criteria of acceptance.  Mostly, however, do have certain standard on which they base their studentsí selections in their campus. Basically, they concentrate on the cumulative grade average and the studentís extra curricula which their rules and requirements should be listed or mentioned in the institutionís catalog and/or studentís manual.  

I must point out here that you have displayed more maturation level in your analytical overview about your academic future than most young generation in your age and/or your education level.  I do notice, though, that aside from being a little hesitant concerning private vs. public sectors in the area of the education system and the burden of money, there is a hidden fear of failure that becomes visible around the pressure of meeting grade expectations by the school.... Here is what I suggest:

If you wish to move on and change I prefer that you consider the followings before any change can take place and try not to let the fear of grades take over your mental capacity and hence divert you from the main issue of school choices: If your grades are acceptable by your current school, you can still make the grades needed, and your family is able to afford it then stick to it until you complete the 12th grade to graduate from high school instead of interrupting your momentum and may very well affect your grades!  I highly encourage you that you concentrate on taking the above average or honor/gifted classes available in the areas of mathematics, science, reading and writing plus be active in any extra curricula you desire. These areas are considered more valuable, needed to proceed comfortably, succeed in most good public colleges and university, and be accepted in them without hindrance.

If, however, money is the real issue regardless of unfounded fear about whether you can adjust to the new environment in the public schools, then I suggest that you apply to the best one of them and pick the honor or above average level of classes in which you need to succeed, excel, and prosper academically.  Grades will come naturally because of your sincere efforts and perseverance.    Remember that the anxiety you have now is very common and also natural with every student like you who is in the turning point of change.  I encourage you to first know what you want to become to choose the right curriculum for a program of your choice.  I also prefer that you sit down face to face with the school counselor-adviser and discuss with him/her your curriculum, programs, colleges, and universities in your area in order to help you choose the right one for your aptitude, grade improvement, and clearing out any worries before you think of any kind of change.

Furthermore, public colleges and universities regardless of certain lack of academic excellence in some of them they do put student first when they see any one is an active participant in his/her learning process. Please remember that you are the one who make the difference in your learning, what to benefit from it, and what you want to become.  

I wish you luck. Please let me know if you need more assistance

Dr. Ashurax

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