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alimarree wrote at 2009-10-31 07:44:03
Hi there, just come across this website - I would like to know how things are going for you.  I'm from NZ and with nice Egyptian man - similar situation (however we are same age) but I'm past the 'children thing', even though I would love that for us. Hope all is good for you (do you have an email address for direct contact?). Take care - would be nice to hear from you.

Mattm wrote at 2010-03-19 13:12:16
It may also help you to feel more secure to know that your husband cannot simply take a second (3rd, 4th) wife as of right. Firstly, it must be clear that he has the means (financial amongst others) to continue to provide for the first wife while caring and providing for the second wife. From what you have said, he is unable to support even you, let alone a second wife. Additionally, he must tell you that he is considering a second wife. If you are told, you have the right to accept that he will be taking a second wife or reject it. If you reject it, he must divorce you (rather than you divorce him) or give up the idea of a second wife altogether. So you cannot be forced to be a second wife. As your marriage contract will stipulate that he must pay you considerable money if he divorces you (rather the you divorce him), this is a considerable disincentive (particularly if his finances are not to good).

I think that you should relax BUT keep in mind that you should not put more, financially, into the relationship than you are prepared to lose.

sadness wrote at 2012-07-19 00:46:52
I get married with a egyptian man, im older what him , but my look is very young...all tell me im very pretty.

He  hurted me to first year and toke me  a lot very expensive presents, and much money, he and his family lied to me..Im a sensitive and good person who think anyone lie...I believed in his love and I gave all my heart, love and money...

He only wanted me a Visa,money and legally marriage in my country for can travel, work and  late leave me and get marry with  an egyptian girl... and wanted i bought a flat in Egypt, all time said me it..when u will buy an apparment in Egypt...

now i know the truth he only used me, cheating me, voled me, and gurted me.....

I lost a baby for him,he bit me a night thaT I pregnant 5 months but he was cold , and i saw he dont feel anything for death our son was a boy.I suffered a lot alone, coz he didnt want problems.......later a day he broke my eye ,now i cant see for it, so he feel fear if I called my Embassy and toke Kuran and sweared for Allah he never would leave me alone and he would be my eyes forever...I believed in it and didnt call to my embassy,then operate me urgently and doctor said I havent solution, I never would can to see good this i can see only 0.9 % of it,He all time said I will help u my  wife, ,,PERDON; PERDON PLZ, but all was a lie...Later started insult to me, smiled me for he did with me and so i came back to my country help for a friend , before he didnt leave me 3 months without can go out at home, the voled to me more 10000 E, he bit me only coz i was ill and I cant eat for a virus i toke in Egypt...he said what excuse I never sent my embassy documents for  legal marriage in my country  but was other his lies..I advice about him, He is ALi Fouad, he has a account in fb for can cheat and voled another foreight girls for take theirs money and can get marry with an egyptian girl who he loves before knew i know it, my lawyer will do necesary for all know my cause and never another women can to be bertrayed and deceived for him...what he did with a terrible gistiry , i need now doctors and more therapies for go out it...

Te wrote at 2013-01-18 21:09:45
I am American and I am married to an Egyptian man and we have been married for 6 years and I can no longer have children I do have two from a previous marriage and sure he knew this all along .... He just told me last week he wants to take a second wife in Egypt and have children ! I am heart broken and I do not know what to do! We both work and our plan has been to move to Egypt in a few years but now I am so scared to do this, if he really takes a second wife and creates a family with her then where does that leave me? Alone in a strange country! Can anyone tell me what to do?


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I can offer advice to Non-Egyptian women who are in a relationship with Egyptian men and feeling confused. Many, but far from all, women meet their partners while on holiday in Egypt. The circumstances vary but in any situation there is almost no unbiased advice, let alone factual and complete information, currently available to the very many women who find themselves each year in utterly uncharted territory. The culture is vastly different from that in the "West", the learning curve is steep and the "facts" depend on many variants, but I will do my best to help where I can. I am compiling a knowledge base, including details of Egyptian law, but also about customs, lifestyles and the experiences of other women. There is no "Yes" or "No" answer to whether a particular relationship or lifestyle will work out for a given individual but by entering into it with open eyes, an informed view and sensible support the experience will be a more positive one.


I am British, married to an Egyptian since 1997 and have lived with my partner in the UK and in Egypt, both with and without my in-laws. I have two children, both of whom were born in Egypt. We have lived in Cairo since 2004. After all this time I am still learning about how it is to be married to an Egyptian and live in Egypt. It is a long learning curve. I regularly encounter women who have been disappointed with their relationship with an Egyptian and their lives in Egypt, as well as others who are happy with both. I am in contact with the obvious official bodies in Cairo (British Embassy, Community Services Association) as well as outside (I.A.F. in Frankfurt) who might have any information or help at all for women in relationships with Egyptians. I have found them all predominantly lacking in practical advice. I am keen to do something to rectify this and am interested to hear from any women who are or who have been in relationships with Egyptian men who might be interested to participate in surveys or who have topics they feel need covering, such as the "gigolos of Hurghada" (and elsewhere), child custody law, circumcision, your teenage mixed-marriage daughter, the relationship with your mother in law, Egyptian toilette, taxation, property and business ownership, safety, the childbirth experience in Egypt, conversion to Islam, contact between the sexes etc. etc.

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