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Fev wrote at 2011-08-05 21:50:41
I would tread very carefully. I went to Luxor in January 2010 and apart from all the male attention I immediately attracted, I was swept off my feet by a much younger man who seemingly fell in love with me on the spot! Of course I did not believe him at first but over the following days, my own vulnerability combined with his persistence and extremely persuasive line of patter served to convince me. It was all a sham. The stories of family hardship and financial penury began to follow thick and fast. On the one hand he insisted he was not after my money. On the other, he said I would help him if I truly loved him. I was in a bubble that lasted until my second disastrous visit in April. He was rushing along with talk of marriage yet his former warmth and affection had started to wane. I think pretending to be in love with someone old enough to be your mother is a hard act to maintain and it showed. I look back on it now with a mixture of bemusement that I could have been so naive and downright embarrassment

mandoo wrote at 2012-02-09 17:05:25
thes  not in all egypt  but  the peopel on luxor  make thes  all  time iam egyption and i hate  the people from luxor bcz  make bad idea  about the egyption  

missty wrote at 2012-06-07 15:56:37
I'm sorry to say ,there are a lot of men in Luxor say i love you from my heart and want to be with you for ever ..they will ask you to come back to visit them and get a flat together and this leads to having to get ofri paper which is there ticket to have sex ... then a time will come they cant help pay for anything so you end up paying for all ...( not every one is the same ) ..once back in your home country it could be you doing all the calls and text to the man ...unless he has a very good job .most are very poor in Luxor ... you will find he will be asking for lap top Mobil .money for family ect ect please be aware ...yes iy happened to me 2010 and then they have other women going to see them ...they save what they can get of western women to pay for Egyptian wedding with Egyptian women be very very carful ...however i am now with a genuine Egyptian man who never lets me pay for anything ... as it should be in there culture if they truly love there women ...i am not being bitter just honest ...just be carful .these men are very good with words and we all like to feel special ... good luck to you ...  

Mandy wrote at 2013-01-19 00:46:25
Don.t trust any of them I was married to an egyptian for 9yr I thought he was one of the good wrong I was.he was just a lot cleverer than most of them.

Mandy wrote at 2013-01-19 00:47:55
Don.t trust any of them I was married to an egyptian for 9yr I thought he was one of the good wrong I was.he was just a lot cleverer than most of them.


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