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kate wrote at 2013-05-23 13:29:02
You are not alone. I am on his website because i have the same problem. My husband is very rude and controlling ,he  gets angry when i discuss our problems with someone. You are fortunate bc his family at least speak with you .In my case,the whole family have threaten to disown him if he comes back to me. He is also stingy too. We fight on every little thing. he doesn't like other person's opinion. very lazy and wants everything on the table. Even in watching tv he doesn't put a channel that will please both of us.I have read so many stories like ours on the net. i wonder how these men were brought up!!!he says i behalf like an animal just because i smile & great people.I know it is very painful but they don't deserve us . I feel bad that i will raise my daughter as a single mom but it's  better than staying in a relation that drains you financially & psychologically


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I can help you with your travel related questions before you visit Egypt. I know most of the little hidden tricks and tips and can be of great aid to you when planning a holiday as I live in Port Said and work as lecturer.


Although I live in Port Said, i travelled to most of the egyptian cities and have good idea about visiting many places.

I hold a PhD from the University of Liverpool, UK in Civil Engineering

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