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Egypt/Re: Advice on marrying an egyptian man


Shweta wrote at 2012-07-04 09:36:33
Hi . I am an Indian and married to an egyptian man ;the difference is we live in the UAE not in Egypt . If you are a hindu or buddist or in any other religion yes you will have to convert to islam . If you are catholic you can keep your religion . It anyways depends upon you and your man's agreement . About wearing the head scarf again depends how liberal minded your man will be . e.g my husband wants me to wear decent attire (not revealing)but never forced me on wearing a head scarf (although he likes it and he mentioned it he never forced) so completely depends on what he thinks and how you take it . ( hope all that he is saying is not just excuses for him to scare u and move away from this relationships)(again you would be best to judge) i have visited egypt and i dont think it is particularly a great place to settle down for life .Managable but certainly not great .think of Job opportunities if you plan to work there (not many i guess) secondly language would be a big problem . most people i met including my husband's family speak arabic and i dont so that was a drawback makes me uncomfy . depends how you take it .  Please also be sure you know his family and relatives and their influence on yur man very well before you marry him and plan to move to egypt . !!!! i am very happy with my husband coz we are not a joint family and have none of his family interference in our life .we have a baby and expecting another so life is great with the man as long as you dont have unwanted interference from family,relatives,society,religious beliefs,attire etc ....!!! you need to think about all this and also talk to your guy before you plan to take the big step of marriage and moving to egypt;

Susana wrote at 2013-08-31 11:56:43
Muslim men may marry non mulim women but their religion must believe in one God as in Christian. The Hindu religion does not believe in one God. I have read this in books and my Muslim  husband explained it.


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