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Egypt/help me brother on the name of allah


assalamu alikum brother , i am from india, my name mubarak, i am a muslim , as i read your details your from port said , i thought to ask you few help and few details also i am a student of master of technology in information security and forensics , i am a certified certified cisco network assosciate , brother i want to work in port said ,even i can work like a lecture , i want to start my life in port said on the name of allah help me ......

I found this website when i worry and search for help .....
Insha allah your help will change my life and my marrige life in egypt .......thought i have more jobs in my country , though i know egypt not have jobs more , i purley going to egypt , ana ba7ab masr , ana a3yaz aish fi port said ,,
Ya rab ma3n . I wish allah for your happy and good life brother ,,, help me with details if u can help me .. I never forget your help ..

Brother Mubarak

Currently, I do not live in Egypt.
Regarding working in Port Said as a lecturer, this is not possible as the university system does not allow people with no PhD to join the uni unless they are their graduates. Considering private sector, again, not feasible as this sector is full of unemployment and the city is a small city.
In conclusion, what you have asked is not achievable specially these days. I recomend that you find a job in the US or try the gulf countries.

I'm sorry to dissappoint you but I'm trying to be honest.

All the best




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Mohamed Mostafa


I can help you with your travel related questions before you visit Egypt. I know most of the little hidden tricks and tips and can be of great aid to you when planning a holiday as I live in Port Said and work as lecturer.


Although I live in Port Said, i travelled to most of the egyptian cities and have good idea about visiting many places.

I hold a PhD from the University of Liverpool, UK in Civil Engineering

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