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QUESTION: Dear Mustafa,I sent you a question about a Egyptian man met on to line.In your message back to me,you said that You had answered my question once before.I can be deffinate be sure in telling you that I
have never ever posted you a question on the web site ever before...I only found out things mentioned to you half an hour before sent...Thsnkyou ,so would be please be kind enough to answer me?

Kind regards Yasmine.

ANSWER: Sorry Yasmine; that was an automatic reply. I meant that I answered similar questions before. However, if you wish, I can consider it again but you need to re-send it as it is not in the data base any more.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mustafa,I see that you studied in Liverpool.I live in Manchester.'Yes',another one I wrote to you in my first communication to you.I was meaning another woman falling for a Egyptian man on line.I am a muslim revert,long before I met this guy on line by accident really wasn't looking for anyone at time of my life,am 56 years old so is he.Was aware of all the horror stories that us western woman are used only for hopfully by them a entry to our country and use us financially.However do wish they would stop banging on about Egyptian men because it is many,many others too from foreign lands.And I am a very astute,sceptical person to say the least,so have been very careful with this relationship.Telling him from start he never get entry here as to live as checked it out and said because of his age ,same as me,wouldn't get work here,and I could not afford to sponsor him here on my salary..His English say 90%.He is a dietician at his hospital,'Yes',is true snd spoke many times in hospital whilst at work at desk on video, see in hospital,speaking with doctors.I told him a was a poor divorcee living in a rented flat struggling to survive.When really not true...I own my flat ,paid for and have a good job and not a masssive amount of savings but fine for my life.Any we been chatting for over a
year now.He says he loves and wants me marry him,and I feel that I love him.He said right from the start rather stay in his own country whatever turmoil in,and only come England if I would not go to Cairo.He has never once pushed come here,loves his work and home land.I feel have a lot to lose me going Cairo and marry him live there and marraige for what ever reason does not work out.What I did tell him ,I don't know ,who you really are,I know you telling truth work as medical proffesional ,seen many times.So I ask him embarrasingly as was to send me all coppies of his documents,everything to me and I get him checked out by our Embassy here,this he did I recieve.Everthing he told me what he said showed was true.I recieve his divorce certif too ,said to him ,I check that not remarried since too!I am asking you Mustafa is it true what I was told,that in Islam if I marry I am able to keep anything ,property I may have as my own should I divorce,imparticular before I had before marry my husband?I hope you can see where I am coming from.I have worked extremely hard all my life and been self sufficient.Last thing want if marriage didn't work,at my age,no chance start again is to come back with just a suitcase!!!Another question ,is could my husband stop me leaving Egypt if I am his wife If I wanted to go home if not happy?By his face when talk expressions ,what he write ,his poetry every day,'God so deep',I do think his love for me genuine,but he could be just good at it,however told him I have nothing,doing 2 jobs survive,day and night work.What has he to achieve I ask,he thinks I'm a alone with my cat..He want me when things quiet down in Egytpt come for visits first to see if I could live in Cairo.In Giza.I refused yesterday and said,I tell you what you get holiday visa and visit me first and then after I visit you.He agreed he apply for visa for holiday here.He say many,Egyptians get refused ,but he try.I said I'm not just going over there to you,when never met you.,for all I know you could be a leader of a terrorist gang and kidnap me and hold me hostage.He said if I spoke Arabic he'd get me a job in Egyptian security forces.Well you never know do you and I am just the sort of person happen to,believe me.Hope you can advise me Mustafa.'Yes I do love him,never thought one could ever love on line,thought impossible.I'm not a lonely fantasist.I have good friends,4 beautiful children and 6 grand children,a good job I love and a lovely home...I feel he my 'soul mate',though.I have finished withe him 3 times but he keep coming back,and saying,OK my heart,bleeding ,but please let us be friends?But then I contact him as heart broken too and off we go again...So could you let me know what are my rights once marry him in Egypt and live.I'd be very grateful.

With Kindest regards Yasmine.

Dear Yasmine

I see the story as repeated one. I can see your worries and you are 100% right to worry. You can not trust what has been sent to you as documents can be falsified easily. The only thing to be sure is him to be known on-line as a professional person.
To find out the truth, it is better if he visits you first then you visit him.
Regarding keeping your assets, yes indeed, Islam allows women to keep their assets after marriage but this depends on law. If you marry in Egypt, this will be automatic. if you marry in England, you have to make it clear in the contract.
If you are his wife, you need his permission to leave the Egypt but it is not common to be done unless he asks the Police to stop you.
I see that you need to take it slow to ensure that this is a cherry on a cake not a dramatic story.
All the best and you are welcome to contact me any time.


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