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Dear Jane
I booked a trip to Luxor in October 2013.
The touroperator let me know today that all flights to Luxor are cancelled till the end of October 2013 because the Belgian Governement advises not to go to Luxor because the situation there is not safe.
What you think about?
Thanks and greetings

I am afraid a lot of governments are giving this advice. It annoys me as I am here in Luxor, I see what happens to me and my guests (who ignore advice and come independently). They are seeing the sites, enjoying the sunshine and not seeing any trouble. Since the troubles started no tourist has had a problem, only stupid journalists who go to demos.

The only way to get to Luxor is scheduled flights to Cairo and then to Luxor but you would have to check with your insurance company if you were covered. All my guest are uninsured and don't care.

It is your choice :)

PS you can stay at my flats


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I have extensive knowledge of tourism in Egypt, specifically Luxor, and Egyptology in general. I can answer questions on travel, hotels, restaurants as well as about the sites and dealing with the locals. I can tell recommend deserted sites where you are the only tourist, local guides who will take you walking over the hills, reliable drivers, taxis, donkey and camel men, sailing and motor boat captains. I can answer questions on Egyptology as I have been involved with Egyptology for over 40 years and have contacts in the Antiquities department and with many of the Archaeological teams in Luxor.


I have been coming to Egypt as a tourist since 1979 and moved to live in Luxor in 2003. I love to help people fall in love with Egypt. I guide guests around the sites in Luxor and run a small tourism business renting flats (apartments) to tourists. I write regular feature articles for Tour Egypt and run a News Blog on Luxor. I an studying Egyptology with Manchester University

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