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Student wrote at 2007-01-11 21:59:18
Yeah I don't know what you are talking about but I am a highschool student and I am currently enrolled in a theatre history class. In all of my history books in that class it clearly states that it is belived that the egyptians were the first people to create a "theatre". On the walls of tombs there are plays written with a form of stage directions also compleate with plots. One of the most poupular of these plays are the Abydos passion plays. The abydos passion plays depicted the god of the dead Osiris' ressurection. The abydos passion plays should be enough to get you started. There were also pyrimid plays, medicinal plays and coronation festivals for the crowning of the pharoh.  

Theatre Bug wrote at 2008-09-10 16:44:55
I am sorry you have had trouble finding info. about Egyptian theatre. It does exist and on there are several scenes from famous "passion" plays that they performed. They also have pictures of the ancient stage set-ups. I hope this is helpful.

      Sincerely, Theatre Bug

Doctor Samuel wrote at 2010-03-30 14:33:40
Actually, previous inserter, you are full of crap, most of the leading historians on ancient Egypt have published information on Egyptian theatre. heck, you can google it and come up with thousands of results.  

allie wrote at 2012-11-12 22:16:57
the man or women above is actaully quite wrong i am a student and had to do an outline/essay on ancient egyptain theatre and have found many great sites my favorite is

you can even email the writer with questions you have its a great article i would go read it if i were you.


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