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jeff wrote at 2010-11-15 17:59:18
Hi.  Yesterday I got an Aria Pro II ES-800.  Mine is sunburst. As youprobably know, it is a copy of a late 50's Gibson ES-345, with a varitone switch (but not stereo).  Mine is from the late 70's or early 80's I believe. It has the look of an original 59 Gibson. In fact, I have owned a number of original 1959 Gibson ES_345's, and this Aria not only looks nearly identical (except for the headstock), but the sound is incredible - equally as good.  Whiel the Aria has a trapeze tailpiece (which I usually don;t liek as much as a stop), on this guiatr the trapeze works great. The neck at the nut is perhaps a 1/16"" less wide then a typical 59 Gibson (1 5/8" instead of 1 11/16"),because it is not too tpaered it feels very comfortable and plays like a dream (has the original frets). The stock pick-ups sound simply magical. I have owned lots of old Greco Super Reals, etc., which never quite recreated the sound of an old Gibson, but thei Aria amazingly is the first Jpanaese repro that totally nails it!  I could not be more thrilled with this guitar. I'd be happy to exchange info with other ES-800 owners. Thanks - Jeff  

gregdopson wrote at 2013-01-29 10:54:40
Hi Jeff.  I have an ES800WA which I have had from new (around 1982).  It is a Walnut colour with the Varitone switch.  I was stereo when I got it but I have subsequently had it rewired for mono - too much to mess with all the time when it was stereo.

It has a wide selection of tones and stays in tune - like yours it still has the trapeze tail.  I use 12 gauge strings on it to give it some real bite when I try and bend on it.

I recently had it professionally set up by an old hand and he really rated it.  

realpiwi wrote at 2015-07-13 20:40:34
Hi, 2015 already, but.. I have mine since 1979, wine red, and still like it.  Never want to get rid of it, but though, prices are mounting. Saw an advertisement recently for 1600 $, payed it new 500 euro.  At the luthier now for set up, and I am very curious how it will play now.  Any other amateurs here?  Please, if possible, add responses via email, don't get that often on this site. Thanks, and good luck! Patrick, Antwerp, Belgium and Europe.

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