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AuctionPro wrote at 2012-11-05 03:00:54
Mann was the name that Ibanez started building under when they were being sued by gibson and fender for making replica's of the top guitars, The authorities were

seizing the Japanese shipments and sawing the headstocks off of guitars by the boat load. Ibanez did this to protect themselves from the lawsuit and preserve the

main company name. When they lost the lawsuit Mann was forced to shut down and the inventory was confiscated and destroyed. Because of this the Mann

versions Are very rare and hard to come by, Especially a set neck and a solid neck that's one piece, (not a laminated fretboard). With brass fret markers etc....

Even to this day, try getting an Ibanez case or guitar into Canada for example.Enter Mann, they were the simple answer to get these guitars into Canada and

other countries as well. The Authorities got smart to that in The USA though and confiscated both the Ibanez and Mann versions but the Mann versions were rare in the US to begin with.... That brings the value of the set neck version up through the roof here. I have sold a couple of rare ones at auction in the USA for over

two grand, but that's in mint condition with original case and paperwork.

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