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I am considering purchasing a Fender Precision bass from a local pawn shop. It is a Mexican Fender made in 91-92,model number MN100230. It is in good condition and sounds great. The pickgaurd is a little discolored and the pickups have a tiny bit of rust on them, but other than that it's fine. I have talked them down to $200 from $250. Is this a good deal? Thank you for reading my question.

Hey Jody,

Thanks for writing! The price of $200 is very reasonable for this bass! The Mexican made Fenders are decent instruments that get a bad rap because they're not American made. Check the neck to make sure it isn't too warped. Hold the body of the bass at eye level and look up the neck. Minor warps can be adjusted by turning the truss rod nut. Other than that it sounds like a great deal. The Mexican made Fenders are much better than the Korean or Indonesian made Fenders so I would buy it. If you did an Ebay search you'd find the same instrument for around $300 so you're getting a good deal. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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