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I was wondering if you could tell me more about my guitar. It's a 1974 Hondo 2 strat made in Japan. It looks like maple and sounds really good. Do you know what kind of pick ups are used. They used from 1978 Dimarzio but this one pre-dates that period. I use the guitar with George Benson Flatwounds to get a real Dick Dale sound.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for writing! The early Hondo Strat copies are the best because this was the period when they were making real replica guitars so the quality is good. I'm not sure who made the pickups but they are decent quality and can produce amazing tones (depending on the year). This guitar was my first guitar and I loved it! They could have used Dimarzio pickups since Dimarzio did contract out to most of the major Japanese manufacturers during the entire 1970s. Often, pickup manufacturers would sell their own brand minus any label because they didn't want Gibson or Fender to get angry that Dimarzio was aided the copy guitar manufacturers. Can you send me an image of the guitar? Let me know and stay in touch...Johnny

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