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QUESTION: Hi Johnny.

I have an electric guitar Seville, the model is S-180ME. I don't found information about this in the web. If you know something about this guitar, could you help me?


Atte. Omar Osuna

P.S: Sorry by my English

ANSWER: Hey Omar,

Thanks for writing! Seville is actually made by Hondo in Korea. Their acoustic guitars. such as the S-13, were handmade meaning they were well made. You will not find out much online because Hondo and Seville didn't support their instrument's with any kind of customer service or webpages. I would like to see a picture of your guitar or know a bit more about it. Can you send me a photograph or describe what the body looks like (does is look like a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster)? Let me now and I'll get you some decent information. Write back...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

My seville 1
My seville 1  

My seville 2
My seville 2  
QUESTION: Hi Johnny,

Here are photos of my Seville

Hey Omar,

Thanks for writing back with a photograph! This looks like a mid 1980s Seville. Seville primarily makes classical guitars but started making electrics to tap into the market share. This was one of their better made electrics. It is a weird design because it uses a Fender Telecaster electronics system with a Gibson styled pickup configuration. You don't see many of these around so it has some value. I would say it is roughly worth around $500 to $650 in today's used guitar market because of it's rarity. Is it a set (glued) neck or a bolt on neck? Let me know because this affects the value. Stay in touch...Johnny

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