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Samick guitar  
Hi Johnny,

A guy by the name of Dan asked you a question on 11/4/2010 about an electric Samick guitar with an eagle painted onto it (attached), I have the exact same guitar and was wondering if you responded to him regarding the value of it, if so I would appreciate it if you could let me know.



HEy Dan,

Thanks for writing! This is one of the rarer Samick guitars! Samick makes guitars of their own brand name as well as guitars for a number of well known guitar companies. They decided to start making their own guitars because their manufacturing plant was set up to make almost any style of guitar. This one was one of their high end instruments meant to tap into the Ibanez market. In was probably made in the 1980s/1990s but it is hard to say without a serial number. Can you check for a serial number and let me know if you find one? This will help me assign a manufacturing year and value to the guitar. Let me know if you don't find a serial number and I'll take it from their. Write back...Johnny

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