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Brock wrote at 2014-03-01 22:51:05
R3928.  Nice looking bass!  The early Nagoyas are believed to have started sometime

after September of 1977.  The solidbody neckthru electrics didn't come on the scene

until 1981 at the earliest.  Instruments produced before that (if any) were Acoustic.  

So, the 81-82 electric guitars were at first labeled BCRico, then a short run in 82

were labeled BCRich.  Next, by the end of 82, the NJSeries sticker was added & kept

on all subsequent axes.  There were 3 factories in Nagoya making imports for Bernie.  

The Acoustic factory was the first.  Your axe is from the second.  These were mostly

neckthru electrics, although a few setneck & bolton axes have been seen.  The main

distinctions of these are the inkstamped serial & the bRc part of the logo is curved.

The third factory also made solidbody neckthru axes.  The bRc portion of the logo is

T shaped & the serial is a foil sticker on the rear of the headstock.  So yours is

the 3rd version of solidbody neckthru (BCRich NJSeries) made by the second company

(inkstamped serial & curved logo)no earlier than 1983.  I'd call it an 83.  In mint

condition you might get up to $700 for it...but $500 is really pushing the limits of

what most will pay for them.  That 'NJSeries' sticker got put on so much crap in the

later years that it actually holds the value way back (as compared to the earlier


I started my collection with these early imports & would not hesitate to put them up

against any other mass production axe made anywhere.  I have made the transition to

USA BCRs & can honestly say that these early imports are a close second on my list

of what is right, true & correct for my tastes & needs.  These days many of the USA

offerings are made to the early Nagoya specs!

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