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Hello sir,
I wan't to Buy a Good Electric Guitar.
I'm Not a Beginner But not even A pro... I'm interested in Brands like epiphone,Ibanez and ESP.
I'm in Love with Epiphone g400 pro but some say it lacks Quality(neck heavy and material).
My budget is Around 15000-25000INR ( 250$-350$ )
since this is my first guitar, so I need some expert Advice.
Any guitar better than G400 pro And less expensive ?

Hi, Mohak!  I think what might be a great choice for you is something like ESP's LTD MH-103.  It looks great and has awesome appointments for the money; this is one great "bang for the buck" guitar.  It's a lot of guitar for the money, and you could always upgrade the pickups and electronics later on for a more custom instrument.  Here is a link:


This is by no means your only choice, but given your budget and the kind of guitars you like, I think you'd be super happy with this weapon from ESP.  Let me know your thoughts!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to invite you by my personal website, www.jrosssmith.com.  You can peruse the music streams, leave me a mark on my Guest Book wall, or contact me directly.  You can also sign up for the e-list so I can send you non-album cuts and early release stuff.  Can't wait to hear from you!

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