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Do you know where I can get an original ‘trapeze’ gold tailpiece for a Gibson ES-345-TD (1967) guitar, please? I fitted a gold vibrato arm to mine, and put the tailpiece in a place so safe that I can't remember where it is. I regret it now, as the guitar is almost like it's fresh from the factory; no cracks or wear anywhere, as it's been hardly used in 45 years.

This is the photo of the tail piece
This is the photo of t  
Hi Steve, I found found just the exact tail part you need. The place is Stewart- MacDonald and the phone is 1 800 848 2273. The part number is 018 Chrome it is $20.00 and 018-G Gold $24.00.
Steve I will add a picture to see if it meets your standards. That is a very nice guitar may I say. I have a safe place too, I have been looking for it for months. Now I throw care to the wind and just loose things. Sir if I can be of any help please tell me. I am always here.
Thank you Kev

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