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Hello. I have an Electra bass. The only markings on it are the logo on the front of the headstock and a serial number on the back of the headstock: 104054

The metal plate where the neck is bolted on just says "Made in Japan."

I have no idea what model it is, when it was built, or how much it might be worth. Unfortunately, the previous owner did not care for it. It plays with a lot of static and most of the hardware is rusty. It's quite a beautiful bass and if the electronics weren't messed up and it weight about 10 pounds lighter, I would probably use it as my go-to bass.

This website will only allow me to attach two photos. Here are links to additional pictures I took:

Could you help pinpoint the model and when it may have been built?

Thank you,

Hey Michael,

Thanks for writing! I hope you had a great holiday! This is a great bass. I am a big fan of Electra guitars and basses. This particular model is the X630 which was the first of their Phoenix line of basses. Your X630 had a short shelf life of roughly 3 years. It was introduced at the beginning of the 1980s and discontinued in 1984. Since it is the first of the Phoenix line it is worth a little money. The used bass market is a bit soft now due to the economy but it is getting stronger with each passing day! I'd say in the condition it's in, the bass is worth around $500.00. However, with a little work you can get your bass in better shape. The first thing I would do is to take some compressed or canned air and blow out the electronics. Dust and small debris will cause that static sound when turning the tone/volume knobs. Place the tip of the air nozzle on the openings on the inner sides of the knobs (you'll access them underneath the pick guard. Also clean off the wiring connection points with a piece of fine sandpaper. If you want to do this, let me know and I'll walk you through it. With some tender loving care, this will be your :go to" bass. Please stay in touch and let me know if you need me to walk you through cleaning your X630 up...Johnny

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