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"I have a Hondo II guitar and I was wondering the worth. I also cant find the serial number on it, Does it have on and if so where can i find it.  It has a removable neck and I believe its from 78"

Hey Scott,

Thanks for writing! This is one of the lawsuit era Hondo Les Paul copies. The later Hondo II Les Paul copies had to change their design (because Gibson successfully sued Hondo and a number of other copy guitar companies in the late 1970s) which included removing the Gibson diamond inlay from the headstock and and changing the shape of the headstock profile. This means that your Hondo is worth more than later models. As for value, today's vintage guitar market is soft so you can't get top dollar. However, the guitar is worth around $500 US Dollars. The good news is that the market is getting better and with the passing of time your guitar gains in value. The guitar was probably made around 1976 or 1977. Hondo used paper stickers for their serial number so it is probably long gone. However, look for a production date in the electronics cavity (they sometimes dated them in this manner). Let me know if you need any further information.

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