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el degas les paul maple neck
el degas les paul mapl  

el degas les paul maple neck
el degas les paul mapl  
hi how you doing got anther el degas les paul made in japen gold hardware ..with solid maple neck and body never seen one before sounds amazing need any information about this guitar  the neck plate says made in japan and it has the number 30 as well  is that a serial number any information would be great year ect thanks dan

Hey Dan,

Thanks for writing! The Degas is one of the rarer Les Paul copies made during the 1970s.  Your Degas Les Paul Copy is from 1971-72 and was made by Ibanez in Japan at the Fujigen Gakki (FujiGen) manufacturing plant. This is the same plant where Ibanez, Greco, Cortez and Burny guitars (among others) were made. The pickups in a lot of these early LP copies were either DeMarzios or, in some cases, Maxons. They were sold as 'white-label' guitars. According to Guitar Stories Vol.1 the el Degas guitars were imported by Buegeleisen & Jacobson (New York) and sold exclusively in Canada.. Many of these LP copies are very rare and highly collectable. The above information was pulled from a website that is dedicated to this company. Here's the link:

As for value, it's hard to say. We're suffering from a bad economy which means the used guitar market isn't at it's peak value-wise. The maple neck is what set's it apart. Having a maple neck gives you a completely different tone than the traditional rosewood used for Les Pauls. Also, the fret markers are black which you don't see a lot of with this type of copy. As for value, I would contact the person that runs the above Degas website since he knows more about them than I do. Let me know if you need any further help. Stay in touch...Johnny

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