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QUESTION: Hello, first time asking for help with a guitar ID. Iv done tons of research and I cant seem to find anything other than the body type "Avenger". About 10 years ago I bought this guitar off my uncle who had a sevear injury to one of his hands. He bought it in the 70s, and doesnt remember much about it after all this time. Its a Vantage guitar, no model numbers or markings of any kind. The silver back plate has E707266, thats it. I can email pictures aswell.

I would really like to know what exactly I have, and what the value is. I dont ever plan on selling it, it will be passed down to my son once hes old enough to grasp music.

ANSWER: Hey Kyle,

Thanks for writing! If it isn't too much trouble, can you send me a photograph of the guitar? It would help me with the identification. Vantage guitars are hard to find info on. I look forward to hearing back from you with a photograph...Johnny

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Vantage headstock
Vantage headstock  
QUESTION: I took some photos today, seems this site only allows me to upload 2 images per question, unless theres something im missing.

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for sending the pictures back! Vantage guitars such as yours were made in the early to mid 1970s. What I like about them is that they were very well made. They were also made in Japan at one of the best guitar manufacturing plants so again, the quality was top notch. Vantage had the idea to make their own Fender styled guitars rather than simply make copies of Fender's top selling models. To do this successfully, they had to make sure these instruments were well made. Because they cost a lot less than their Fender counterparts, they sold relatively well. However, they didn't sell well enough to sustain the company over the long term. As for value, the used guitar market is soft. However, since you're not selling it, you can ride out the soft market. I've seen this model sell for around $500 in an auction market. I'd say yours is worth about this amount. It is a great playing guitar so hang on to it. Stay in touch...Johnny

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