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I have had for many years now an Aria Pro II ES200 which considering i gig all the time with it is in good nick the serial number is 2051057,The neck is bolt on and the headstock is a dovetail joint, i contacted Aria in the UK and they have told me their records do not go back that far, can you shed any light on when and where it was made and what i should insure it for on the renewl


ANSWER: Hey Rob,

Thanks for writing and Happy Holidays! Aria didn't do such a great job with their serial numbers so getting an exact date is extremely difficult. However, I can give you some idea of the age and value. First, can you send me an image of the headstock or description. The majority of the ES200s were made in the early to mid 1980s. The earlier models have a more traditional Gibson=like headstock whereas the later models have a headstock that tapers towards the top. These were made in Japan and were well crafted, especially the earlier models. I would also like to know more about the body wood. A picture would also help out. Let me know about the pictures and I'll get you an insurance value asap. Write back...Johnny

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Please find attached pictures requested

Hey Rob,

Thanks for sending the pictures! This model was produced in 1980/82s just after the Gibson lawsuit (which is why the headstock doesn't look like a Gibson headstock). The Klusen tuners were found on the earlier models. As for value, you're looking at around $700 for insurance purposes. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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