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I saw a korean made Aria Pro II es335 copy in a music store today and am wondering how to decode the serial number. Also, are the korean made models equal or better than Chinese ibanez artcore or Ephiphone models?


HEy Mike,

Thanks for writing! Aria used a simple serial number system with the first two numbers representing the year the guitar was made. However, some models didn't use this system. The rest depends on model. the next two digits after 98 are 05. This (if we're using the stock system that Aria normally uses) represents the 5th week of the year which would mean the first week of February. The following numbers are assigned as production numbers. However, with this said, it is wise to remember that Aria doesn't have the best  numbering system. As for quality, I would have to say that the Korean made Aria is better than the Ibanez Artcore or entry level Epiphone. The general construction (finishes, well filed frets, etc) and electronic/hardware of the Aria is very good. However, Epiphone does do a fantastic version of the Gibson ES-335. I have an Epiphone limited edition from the custom shop ES-175 and its better than the Gibson ES-175 I have. I am a fan of the Aria. Let me know if you need more assistance. Stay in touch...Johnny

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