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how much would my squier fender electric guitar worth with a broken neck serial number e 952885

Hey Lance,

Thanks for writing! I am sorry to hear that your Squier's neck got broken. The problem with a broken neck is that it cut's the guitar's value down substantially. Is it snapped in half or is it a crack? I ask because with a crack, you can repair it. However, with a neck that is broken in half, you have to replace the neck. With a completely broken neck (snapped in half) you're looking at a value of about $100-$200 US Dollars depending on when the guitar was made. You can have the neck replaced by a professional or do it yourself. If you did it yourself you could find a replacement neck on Ebay. If you decide to replace the neck yourself, I can walk you through the job (just let me know). Having a professional do it would cost you about $100 to $150. Tell me more about the actual break in the neck. Write back...Johnny

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