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QUESTION: Hi, i have just got my hands on a Hondo 2 guitar in excellant condition, would you be able to date it for me plz, it's numbered H732ML & value, i know there not worth much but it'd be just nice to know. Regards, Dave.

ANSWER: Hi Dave, I like your guitar very much. A fast bit of the history of Hondo and the people who make them.The Samick Corp of Korea made it first in Japan. They also made Epiphone,Squier,Washburn and Hohner. I had one and loved it.
It was stolen and just never replaced it because I have too many guitars.
First the number is not a true serial number. I had the same H732ML on mine. I ask a band member what number was on his? Same H732ML, his brother same number.
They are not a like, mine is a Gibson SG looker, he has a Les Paul solid color. That is all they have in common the dark red.One a web site I saw a two tone with a " T " at the last spot.They were all made in Japan in 1973.
That is when it was made. The guitars made in Japan are among the very best guitars ever made. I knew that and was told that.Read that a truth that Stratocaster made in the 1970's is far better than the one made in the USA
at that point in time. The Hondo Corp was out of Korea and I am sure they are making guitars.
I have three guitars from Korea the new hot place for guitars. I have two guitars from Japan and at forty years old they are still  my beast.
This is not the time to sell. I watch EBay auctions to follow the price of guitars and what is selling. The price
of guitars are at a low,and very few are selling.Beat up junk for a fixer upper project.The rare ones at very high
prices. Ilooked at my notes and last June a Hondo II sold for $360.00.I have gone over the forums the range is from a lucky man who paid $25.00 at a yard sale, I can't go by that, the seller was not very smart. The people
that got then in the last few months paid $200.00 to $300.00. Most people keep them a great guitar that plays the same as a $2,300 guitar that looks like it and odds are plays as good. You made a smart move. I buy used and save
%50 on average. I truly enjoyed your question, I do hope I gave you some light on your great HondoII thank you.!
It I may do more I am here David!

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QUESTION: thanks for reply Kevin, that's great. The other thing is ,it appears to have some sort of brown paper covering the truss rod cover & the access cover to the volume/tone/ toggle switch. Was this just a protective covering from new, i dont want to scratch it off, the guitar is like new. I was decorating a house recently & it was in their garage, when i enquired who was the rock god, the lady replied it was hers from her uni days, she's now a retired doctor so i knew it must be from the 70's. She said if you know anyone that plays they can have it because it's going down the charity shop today with a load of other rubbish i dont want...

David, you have some great luck. Take that off, it is just to protect it.
It must be like new! Yes it is a 1973 I am sure.that stuff is for the trash.
David what model is it. If I know that I can help you set it up check wiring.
First order of thing new strings. Number 9 is what I put on all my guitars. You may have a favorite
I do not know how much you play and if you have set up a guitar. If this is new to you, I can save you some money.
Like I said what ever you need I an here. You have an open door, a photo of it would be great.

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