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Hank Hell wrote at 2013-12-14 21:11:44
This was my first guitar!!  exactly like this one. The toggle switches are original. there is one for each pick-up (s/s/h),  plus an additional switch to make the humbucker into a single. My grampa bought this for me in 1990, brand new from Sam Ash for $125. I will poop my pants if that $650 estimate is even close to being realistic, as this was a great beginners guitar.

David V wrote at 2014-11-12 03:57:19
The switches are definitely factory. this is the rarest of the Fame series guitars and made for only 2 years. It is said that there were only 300 total of this model and even back in the early 80's when these were made ... I believe they were made in 82 and 83 they were not cheap guitars and were around $700-$800 then. They did sell many due to the cost but are far superior in everyway than the Fenders they were made to compete against. I have this same guitar an it took me 5 years to find one that was in decent shape and I finally found a dealer in Canada that had one in his private collection and was willing to sell it to me. Once these are set up correctly they are fantastic guitars with great balance and with the 3 switches instead of a tap coil and then a five way is quite novel. All in all a guitar worth keeping ... mine (which is a easy 9 on a 1-10 scale) was appraised at $1200 due to it's rarity and any Hondo collector out there looks at this as the holy grail.

David V wrote at 2016-02-02 05:06:04
The 7603 was made in the later 80's and was the top of the line Fame Strat made. There is a switch for each pickup and the forth switch is a tap coil for the bridge. These only came in black and only a few hundred were made. I have one myself that is near mint. These are the hardest of the Hondo guitars to find and can bring up to $1,000 to the right collector. They are brighter that the Fender Strats and have a higher output as well. Very well made guitars and equal or better than any US made Fender of that period.  

Matt wrote at 2016-06-06 07:18:26
David IDK where you are getting your information but these were mass produced guitars made by Samick, one of the biggest guitar manufacturers in the world. They were made from 1986-87 and on no planet were they $700-800 in the '80s. That would be over $1,000 in today's dollars for a Korean Strat copy. Hank is right, these were budget guitars and the supposed "experts" on this website wildly overvalue almost every guitar they are presented with. In fact, I have a 1985 ad for the H7600 and it was $150 new. These are only different from the H7600 in that they have a humbucker and four mini switches. As a Hondo collector, these are far from the Holy Grail. However, I'm sure they are very nice, as were most of the guitars coming out of Samick at the time. I don't mean to insult you but I'm really tired of seeing misinformation spread.

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