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QUESTION: I bought this mint looking guitar (Black body maple neck) about
2 years ago in an antique store for $150.  I didn't like to play
much as I could not get it to stay in tune and it just never
sounded right;  that is until I brought it to a highly respected guitar expert.  Genius in my opinion!

He made it into a very good guitar !!!

He straightened the neck, changed the tuners ($100), adjusted
the harmonics,  etc.  This guitar now feels and plays better than
any Strat I have ever owned with exception of a Ritchie Sambora
signature I owned back in 1990.

OK here are some questions:

Serial# is 70100525 as shown just under the tuners at the rear of
the guitar

1) When this guitar was made ?
2) Price? Body is 95% mint.  Maple neck 100%

Note:  I can send pics if there is any interest

ANSWER: Hey Richard,

Thank you for writing and happy holidays. Can you send me a picture of the guitar? This will help me get you further information because Hondo serial numbers are difficult to decipher. I'll get you some answers but need to see a photograph. Write back...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Hondo 1
Hondo 1  
Hondo 2
Hondo 2  
QUESTION: Here are some quick pics I just took of the Hondo

ANSWER: Hey Richard,

Thanks for sending the photographs! This is interesting guitar. I have to ask you about the additional switches. Do you know if they came with the guitar or were they added on? Let me know. Most Hondo Strats, unless they were early Japanese made models don't fetch much in the market (around $300-400). However, I've never seen one with some many additional toggle switches. If the switches are original, the guitar would be worth anywhere from $500-$700 in an auction market. Sorry to ask another question but tell me about the switches. Let me know...Johnny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Original switches
Original switches  

New tuners $100
New tuners $100  
QUESTION: Thanks for your response.

As far as I know, the switches are original.  I can't see why anyone would go to the trouble of rewiring the electronics to add these (4) switches.

See new images (Sorry for the large file sizes)

Hey Richard,

Thanks for writing back! The guitar was probably made in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I asked about the switches because Hondo didn't make many guitars with multiply switch configurations. Very little information comes up when I researched your guitar. I would have to increase the value based on the quality of this instrument. Most of the better quality Hondo guitars were made starting the the late 1970s. Then there was a period of poor quality Hondo products. However, in the late 1980s, Hondo realized that they needed to make better guitars so they started producing their own modified strat-like guitars. I would place a value of about $650 on your instrument. Stay in touch...Johnny

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