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just read a post from a gentleman to you about is hondo guitar.i was just wondering if you could help me out as well.my hondo is vastly different from the 1 you identified and havent seen any others online that even remotely look like mine.will attach a pic so to help you identify.that is not a sticker decal on it,it is something done from the factory.thanks for your time

Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for writing and Happy Holidays! Hondo has produced a huge number of different models over the years without much in the way of customer support which is why it is difficult to find any information on them. Hondo made a variety of "Formula 1" models to cash in on the heavy metal market. What they would do is introduce a bunch of different "Formula 1" models into the market. They would then see how the sales for these various models were after six months. Those that sold well would continue to be manufactured while those that didn't would be pulled from the market. because they didn't do any customer support and introduced so many different models over the years, people such as yourself, would buy one of them and have no idea what they had! This is one of the simplified models that wasn't in production for that long. I wouold guess that it was made in the mid 1980s. The graphic on the guitar body is interesting because they didn't make a lot of guitars with that type of artwork. This adds to the value. Off the top of my head, I would assign a value of between $300 and $500 (US Dollars) on it. Let me now if you need more detailed information Again, happy holidays and stay in touch...Johnny

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