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QUESTION: I have a pearl white 83 Ibanez RS205 in great shape. Any thoughts on its value?

ANSWER: Hey Casey,

Thanks for writing! The 1983 RS205 is seen less in online auctions such as Ebay. I would place the value at around $700. The used guitar market is a bit soft now so you don't get top dollar. However, this particular model in great shape could bring you more if you had two collectors bidding on it. Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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QUESTION: $700?? I would not have thought that much. That's great news. I know I probably can't get that, but I was thinking that I would be lucky to get $200.

Hey Casey,

Thanks for writing back. A lot of a guitar's value has to do with supply and demand. If there are a large number of RS205s in the used guitar market, the price goes down. With fewer available, the price goes up. Also, condition and model type factor heavily into the equation. You see 1984 models but the 1983 is far less seen so it is worth more. Let me know if you have any further question. Stay in touch...Johnny

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