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Hi Johnny!

I bought a Samick Formula FA-2 recently and its been playing great. However, there is some stuff about the guitar I don't know and it's really bothering me. I scourged the WWW looking for them but could not find anything.

1) What is the body wood?
2) I can make out 3 pieces of wood in the body and 2 in the neck. Is this the norm for 'budget' guitars?
3) What is the nut made of?
4) Is the body coat polyurethane?

I guess some (all?) of these questions seem pretty trivial, but I like to know my guitars inside out and the guy at the store was no help. Also, the guys at Samick helpline did not respond.

I will be more than happy with any answer or guesses.

Thank you!

Hey Vargab,

Thanks for writing and happy holidays! These are interesting questions. Samick makes guitars for a number of other companies as well their own models. The body is most likely alder (if it is a bit heavy). The reason you find Samick bodies to be made of multiple pieces of wood is because it is cheaper to build guitar bodies from smaller pieces of wood. Basically, the larger the solid piece of wood, the more expensive it is. The nut is most likely made of high strength plastic and the body coating is polyurethane. With this said, please note that Samick has been know to switch materials if they can purchase them cheaply. Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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