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I've just bought a Seville LP Jr recently,from a vintage
guitar dealer San Fran CA. I have been sniffin around for any
info on it. It's a great looking wood body that has strips
of walnut in the body,the contrast is great,the neck,lookin
from the back has a swirling throughout it,i'm told its from
1981,some japan factory,it sez SEVILLE on the machine head stock.
It's suppose to be a one owner guitar,given as a graduation gift
back around early 80's. I'LL send some pic's if you like.
Some pic's may still be on  Joe the owner is a
nice guy, pleasant to talk with,i asked what convinced him
it was from this Japan factory and this year, i.e...did he take
the neck off for #'s or something,just claims he's seen them
around and the guitar is under valued,maybe cause it's a japan
no name. I was just lookin for a lower priced beater hard tale
i can learn more slide on,and didn't have to worry about when
this popped up,i've got an American Strat,Taylor 814ce,Taylor
Big Baby, you can see why i was lookin for something tough and
cheap,didn't expect something so good looking,great action,
its sounds real good so far,tuners gotta go though,just bought
standard M6 Gota's, thier not here yet, the SEVILLE has open
back tuners, i don't think its had a setup,i mite be able
to pull somethin like that off,if i had a sound board to bounce
questions,the SEVILLE seems like a good little number,what do
you think Kevin.....
         Thank You in Adavnce,

Head Stock
Head Stock  

Law Suit Guitar
Law Suit Guitar  
Hi Dave you found a very nice guitar. I have a Les Paul style with the same great wood patter as your guitar.
Dave you will not find very much about it, Seville and a few others were made Hondo at first in Japan then Korea
by Samick guitars. They are called Law Suite Guitars. They were so extract to the Gibson products they went to court lost then about 1980 to 1982 were made under Hondo, that still makes guitars for several companies.Such as Epiphone,Squier and Washburn. now in China. These Seville and others were so good even better than the Gibson's.
What got them was the head stock, a perfect copy. They moved from Japan then to Korea and were still breaking the law so they stoped.That late I guess it was made in Korea. I have some guitars  made in Korea and I fell they
are better than the over priced guitars from the USA.I had the head stock just break off my 1993 Les Paul.
Dave you have one great and rare guitar. I had a hard time finding mine, people just keep them and grow old with them. Thanks Dave, I got mine out and started to play it,I will take it to gig this weekend. Great find.

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