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QUESTION: hi there . what are the best low-wattage , all-tube amps for home playing ? I'm not interested in digital modelling or hybrid amps and I don't use pedals , so I need a pure tube distortion , even at low volumes . the clean sound , usually is beautiful but the distorted sound ( at low wattage amps ) is nothing but harsh ! now if there is any " 1~5 w " all tube amp which sounds good at any volume level( without an external attenuator of course ! ) , plz lemme know

Vox AC4
Vox AC4  
ANSWER: Hi G,I know just what you need,I just wanted to hear what the guitar I spent months to find that correct tone and the time I spent to write a song. Why put it in a grinder, I am not a metal or pedal fan.
I tried a long list of amps that promised a clean and pure sound. One told the truth,Vox.I have the Vox ACTV-4.
Total tube amp 4 very powerful watts into a 10" speaker.The power can be set at 1/4 amp to 4 amps, very clean at all settings.I have been very happy with this product.This is the only one of about 20 amps that I tested.
I found the best price at a store in New York City. Test it then shop price, the big chain stores want $249.00.
I have a 25 year old Vox AC30 that no trouble or Vox related problems. Just the ones I cause, like dropping it.
I heard Vox service was bad.I fix things my self, but Korg owns them now and I heard getting parts is great. A more solid company.I do think the little Vox will please you, and I do hope I covered the points you wanted and more.Should you need any help in the when you get it just ask. I would like to hear how you like it, G I am all  ways here. Kevinpaul.Thank you.

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QUESTION: hi again and thank you . actually there were 2 amps , " Marshall Class 5 " and " Vox AC4TV " . I prefer Class 5 , it's the best amp I've ever heard or played ; but it's too loud ! I can't cranck it up at home , you know ! but I really like it ... ! any way , I like AC4 too . and yesterday , before reading your answer (!) , I ordered one ! funny , isn't it ? like you I'm not interested in VOX , even Korg services and I shall do what I wanna do . tell me more about this beautiful TV ! any tip ? the first thing I noticed was the unusual feedback and boxy sound ! I scared first , but I managed it . now the feedback is nice but I must work with guitar volumes and cable lenght to control it . did you have same experience ? and what if I remove the back cover ? to fix the ' boxy sound ' problem ! does it work ?

Hi G. I had trouble with Marshall in the past and that was one of the amps I tested it did to meet the standards I set when I picked the Vox.I keep it up off the floor and away from walls. This could be the reason I do not get a boxy sound. I did it for heat and air flow. That is why the boxy sound is new to me. I never had it, placement may be the reason.
Yes like about all tube amps feed back is one of the evils. That drives me nuts! Some love it. I been fighting it
with about all the amps I owned.I keep the guitar about five to six feet away from the Vox.I turn the guitar
away from the amp when I make setting changes. I have just leaned near it and got a blast. Many great minds have looked for a fix for this. We still have from my first tube amp in 1970 to the newest one the TV! You are doing what we all do cables and guitar volumes.
I have a picture of the area I practice in after a a long work out, it is sloppy, normal when I am pulling out
guitars and trying to get the sound right. The Vox white case is off to the right.It is up off the floor and in the middle of the room. I did get a Stand for the Vox AC30. I am not sure I can send a picture? If allowed I will.
Good luck G you pick the best amp and will grow old with it, odd these days.

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