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Hello Mr. G.....I just purchased a dillion drk-69 on ebay from tommysguitars.  He has relisted another one with the same photots.  The back of the headstock has a serial number but not made in usa or korea....is this a genuine Dillion or have I been taken to China?

Hey Ken,

Thanks for writing. I want you to check a couple of things on your guitar for me. There are a lot of copies being made in China of very well known guitars and at first glance, you cannot tell that they're counterfeit instruments. Start with the finish and binding. Look to see if the finish is clean, looking for unevenness. Look at the binding. The binding should be cleanly adhered to the wood and even looking. sometime, cheap guitars have the binding painted on. Check the inside of the electronics cavity as well. A Dillion should have very clean wiring with neat or clean soldering joints. also check the logo and see if it exactly matches the company logo. Most of the copy guitars made are more well known names so there's a good chance its the real deal. Let me know what you find so writing back...Johnny

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