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Half-Moon Headstock  
Hey Johnny,

I have some questions regarding my Electra 2242 Guitar. I took it into a Guitar Center today and they told me it was worth much less than I had imagined and less than what the original price was in the early 70's. Maybe it is worth less than I thought, but I was hoping that you could give me some clarity. I have the Original case and SLM price tag. I can send you some pics because it is obviously been played and added too. There is a old Bigsby on it which obviously did not come standard, and looks to be a very old Bigsby. It was played at the Guitar Center and everything checked out wonderfully..Including the Bigsby. My biggest question is about the headstock. It is not a pre-lawsuit "open book" Gibson and is not the "Wave" headstock Electra went to. It is the Half Moon headstock with pearl inlay. SO...what is this bad boy worth? Thanks for the response!!

Hey Tyler,

Thanks for writing! Guitar Center isn't the best place for vintage guitar pricing because the collector's market is so specialized! With that said, the Bigsby addition did detract from the value of the guitar (even though it could be removed and the guitar restored). However, I'm willing to bet that they ais the guitars was worth a few hundred dollars and would have been happy to take it off your hands for you! The guitar is worth around $475, maybe more. The headstock was introduced after the Gibson lawsuit in the very early 1980s. The original case adds about $100 to it's value. In an auction market like Ebay you might get more if two collectors were having a bidding war! The best place for additional Electra guitar information is at http://www.rivercityamps.com/electra/history.php

Let me know if you need further information or help. In original condition, without the Bigsby addition, the guitar would worth closer to $700. Stay in touch...Johnny

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