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Hi Kevin, I have purchased a Fender Strat, that was advertised as a 80s vintage, There are no serial numbers on any part of the guitar, I have it all apart, not even the pots have numbers, just Ohm ratings. The finish is a triple burst, with a funny black paint extention on the front left corner. I was told by the seller, that it was made during the transition period when they used old stock, and parts from other locations.The seller told me that for sure it was made in Carona plant in the 80s. to see this guitar go to Ebay listing  #261138208685  I would appreciate any answers you can give me before I try and get my money back.  Thanks  Gerry

Hi Gerald and thank you for asking us about your Fender. I went over all the history I keep on changes at fender and the use of old parts in the 1980's is not or has been a program that any one or I have made note of, they just never did that.In the 1980's Fender did make a big come back with better guitars than the bad guitars of the 1970s'.
Gerald you seem to know guitars and when you had it apart did it have 250 pots? That is what they used in the 80 Strats.It should have a 5 way switch and the smaller head stock not the big paddle type used is the 1970's.
The only true way to tell is the serial number. That is on the back of the neck, and about impossible to remove with out damage.The other place is on the bottom of the neck heel. That would need to be ground off. All the ones I have looked at were an industrial purple ink and the wood surface is a rough cut.
I replaced the neck on my 1993 Strat and put the numbers on the bottom. Once I changed the neck the guitar is no longer a Straocaster, they tell me.When I wanted to trade it and reading forums.People do this all the time, change pick ups tuners and necks.Fender has a big following for many reasons, one is they are very easy to modify.
Gerald please let me know what is on the heel if any thing. You do have a great guitar and the price is a very good deal, and any thing I can do please let me know. Thanks Kevinpaul

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