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I have a Fender Natural Wood Strat with the Rosewood fret board. Serial number is N8367132. It has not been played more than about a dozen hours. It is in show room condition and just hangs on the wall. What would you value this guitar at? Any reason not to sell at this time?

Hi John, I took a time to watch the sales of Fender Stratocasters, on EBay and calling friends at the big
music stores.The range I looked at was $400.00 to 2,300.00 and at the close one of ten sold. My brother picked other auctions and of his 23 auctions 4 sold in the low range, around $380.00 to $700.00.same with a few other brands.We agreed that this is a bad time of the year.The bills from the holidays are coming in,and up north we have heating bills that are very costly.
I spoke with some people that will be putting guitars, amps and the like on sale and they will start in march
The worst place to sell you guitar is a guitar shop and a pawn shop.They are a fast sale but you get pennies on the dollar.They deal with people who really need the money and steal the items.John I know I do need to tell you this but selling to a friend is a no win deal.
The guitar you have is so nice I would put it at the top of the Stratocaster scale. It is perfect all stock and the 1999 - 2000 year were great guitars. Some years Fender just made bad guitars like the 1970's
The selling price is 50% to 70% of the new selling price.That could be all over the board.I would start with a retail of $1,900 and sell it for $1,100.00 and come down now less than $150.00.
Fenders have been in the elite of guitar makers with Gretsch, Gibson and Martin for many years, the name will help you sell it. I will help you also, should you have any help or needs please get a hold of me and I will do what it takes to get this done in a proper and timely way.
Thank you, I enjoyed this because I love looking at guitars.I do hope I was of help to you.

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