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hello my father bought me this very sweet guitar that was custom painted from a guitar store and it has no name on it we payed about $500 for it and I am wondering what kind of guitar it is? people tell me it looks like a Stratocaster.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for writing! It took me a while to answer you back because I was trying to figure out what king of a guitar you had. Normally, a guitar will have some sort of identifying name or logo on the headstock. However, your guitar has no such markings. This combined with the custom paint job may indicate that the guitar was custom made. To definitively answer this question, remove the back cover to the electronics compartment (underneath where the volume and tone knobs are) and see if there is any company name and an inspection sticker. This might help. Your guitar could be one that was put together by a guitar maker or guitar shop which would make it unique. While it does look like a Stratocaster, the body is slightly different than a traditional Fender. Also, the profile of the headstock is slightly different than the Fender profile. Brands like Ibanez and ESP have similar bodies but a completely different headstock. However, what may have happened is that the original neck was replaced with a Fender-like neck. Let me know what you find inside the electronics cavity (remove the black plastic cover plate on the back of the guitar) and we'll take it from there. Make sure to write back with an answer to my questions. One last thing. Does the neck look like it was refinished? If refinished, the clear varnish will be slightly uneven. Let me know. Stay in touch...Johnny

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