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Hi Johnny

        I own a hofner committee 1958 serial no 2956, what i dont understand is the neck on my model has only got 20 frets whereas every other one i,ve seen has 22. I,ve checked the guitar through a magnifying glass and cant find any visual marks anywhere that leads to a neck shortening ,everything looks as it should be  no joins in binding etc, i wonder if you could shed any light on this, have you ever heard of a 20 fret version. I would be very grateful for your opinion, thankyou in advance.

         regards  Tony

Hey Tony,

Thanks for writing! Hofner did make 20 fret guitars (and still does)! some of the 1958 models can fetch $1,500. Can you send me a photograph of the guitar? This will help me get you an accurate value and further information. Write back...Johnny

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