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I acquired a Hondo guitar that I believe to be a Lep Paul copy.  I've read many convos between you & others regarding this guitar style but have not seen a discussion about the same guitar that I have. I've provided a pic of the headstock; it has the HONDO logo (not the Hondo II logo) with the alabaster inlay design (similar to the Gibson design). These two features are what I've not seen together on any of the Hondos I've looked at online; therefore, I'm asking for your assistance in obtaining further info and value of this guitar.
Thank you.

Hey Melanie,

Thanks for writing! This is one of those Hondo guitars made right around the time of the Gibson lawsuit. You can see the "open book" profile of the top of the headstock which they had to change as well as the inlay which looed too much like Gibson's inlay. As for value, the fact that it's not a Hondo II adds to it's value. In an auction market like Ebay, you'd get around $500 in good shape. As for the year it was made, I'd say around 1979-1980. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny  

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