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Hi, my high school kids got me into guitars last spring and I picked up this squire from ebay for $50 for a house beater and it sounds better than a mexican fender. I just wanted to know what kind of squire it is as I would love to buy another one. The serial number is E970091. The neck has smooth filed frets and is polished-not rough like a cheap standard I have-body is thick like a standard. It has actual fender bridge, three ply pickguard, and the pickups are amazing so I figured it has to be a step up from the affinity/standard models-just love it!I want to order another of whatever this one is-thanks Carrie

Hey Carrie,

Thanks for writing! Korean made Squier Strats were first made in 1988. However, their serials numbers didn't start having any real merit until 1993. Using the standard method for dating Korean made models, the serial number indicates that your guitar was made in 1997. As for model type, there is no model name because they sold them in mass quantities. However, this particular year was one of the better years for Squier Strats. Back then, they built quality guitars because they wanted a good reputation which is why is it so much better that many of the Fender brand Stratocasters. The guitar is roughly worth around $500-600 in an auction market in excellent shape. Let me know if you need further information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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