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QUESTION: Hi there, i noticed another guy had asked you about this guitar but you needed a serial number to tell him some more. He hasn't answered yet but i have the very same model here in Scotland and the serial number is 2081624. Would be very cool to hear more about this guitar as i'd never even found anyone else online who had one until tonight. I re-posted the other guys pic of it, as my camera is out of charge right now.

Thanks for reading :)

ANSWER: Hey Tony,

Thanks for writing! Samick makes guitars for Epiphone, Hohner and a number of other companies. Theses are Korean made. Greg Bennet has worked with Samick, designing their higher end models. They also have their own line of instruments, which is what you own. As for the serial number, it is hard to date a guitar using their serial numbering system because you can't get a satisfactory answer from Samick regarding the dating and the internet is filled with conflicting ways to read the serial number. Your guitar, based on design, was probably made in the 1990s. Not many of these models come up for sale because they were made in a limited capacity. Your guitar is well made, using decent woods and quality parts not found on many of their other models. I'd put a value of about $650 US dollars on it (the used guitar market is weak due to the economy). Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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QUESTION: Hi again and thanks for answering.

It seems to be quite the mystery. This site is the only place i've come across anyone else who owns one. Thanks for the info though and i appreciate your time ;)


Hey Tony,

Thanks for writing back! I would try posting on some of the Japanese guitar websites for further information. Samick guitars are starting to be collected so there is real interest in the older or unique models (like yours). Stay in touch...Johnny

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