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i have a Seville explorer style with a bright red and yellow tape pattern,(van halen) and maple neck. i had it repaired and it plays great..is it valuable?? i cant seem to find out much about it.never seen one like it anywhere?

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I am glade you asked! That is one of my top ten great guitars of all time! Dave you will not find many details about it. They are called law suit guitars,because they copied the Gibson Les Paul down to each detail so close that was hard to tell them apart. My 1970's Seville is so close to my 1965 Les Paul the color is the only thing
that lets me tell them apart.I think the Seville sounds better.They both have the same stuff, even the head stock.
That is what nailed them in court. The " Open Book " head stock is owned by Gibson.They lost the case in Japan were most were made. Hondo the and people that owned Hondo moved to Korea for a few years.They were forced to stop
making Seville's forever. That is the most common name.They go under a few other names like Ariel, that was the name on my dark blue one.
The value is not as hot as how the guitar plays.I have looked on EBay for them and $200.00 is about the going price. I have seen them listed at a high of $500.00 and it did not sell.I have never seen one in a guitar store
or any retail outlet.I will send you pictures of mine.I would love to see yours if you can do that,
My e-mail is kevin5518@msn.com that may be the simple way to send a photos.
Thank You for the great question and have fun with that cool axe Dave.

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