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so I have just recently purchased this harmony guitar from a fella for 100 bucks.  Its a double cutaway neck thru all brass amazingly beautiful guitar.  But I can't find anything about it anywhere at all.  No pictures anything I know it was made in the mid 70's and its foreign because instead of just saying harmony like the us models it has est in 1892 on it.  Can you help me at all please??

You did very good at $100.00. The EST in 1892 is the year Harmony started making guitars and did they ever make guitars.They mass produced guitars for so many companies under a few names.Like Silvertone for Sears and Kay for
many stores.They put Harmony at a low level to sell as many guitars as they could.Some were great and some not so good.My first guitars were Harmony, a $22.00 then is now $400.00 and it was bad.
I took some time to find a real price that would fit you guitar and make some money for your efforts.
The picture makes it hard to tell the condition of your guitar.So go high on the price and sell it at $500.00 and hope for the best.Harmony prices are crazy no order not one that is hot. Great goes low and junk goes high.
I was thinking what way do I tell Anthony to go with a sale price.I looked at hundreds of them and did not see one like yours, odd is money go the $500.00 high road. Good luck and if you need any thing please tell me.
Thank you Kevinpaul

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