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Guitar from front
Guitar from front  

Back of headstock
Back of headstock  

I have a Vox Tornado I would like to date.
I can see, that you have answered a similar question about this earlier.

My Vox has serialnumber 316261
It has no Vox tags on it anywhere, and no Tornado markings anywhere.
The only printing on it is "Made in Italy" on the back of the headstock.
Why is This? Why are there no markings?
Can you help me dating this baby?

Kind regards.

Michael Borup

Hey Michael,

Thanks for writing! This is a mid 1960s (probably around 1966) Italian made Vox. Vox has primarily had their guitars manufactured in Italy from early on. Many of them don't have the Vox logo, etc on them because they were made for resale under a variety of other names. The biggest problem with Vox guitars is that their necks tend to warp easily. Combine this with the fact that most people who originally owned them didn't take care of them (often they were starter guitars for musicians first learning how to play the guitar) and you have a glut of Vox guitars on the market in need of repair. I mention this because if you look up current prices for this model, you'll see that the average price they sell for is about $350.00 US Dollars. However, this is due to neck warping issues. How is the neck on your Vox? Let me know because if it is in good shape, the value will go up. Let me know and I'll get you a better value. Stay in touch...Johnny

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