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Hello, I have an opportunity to buy a guitorgan it is black and has the backing to the piece. all the buttons and switches are there as well I was wondering what it is worth . as I have called every guitar retailer in my area and no one knows about the guitorgan.

Hi Brian, yes I know about them to a point. I have played one made out of a Gibson 355 Guitar.
That is the problem the guitar was worth $5,000.00 and by doing the organ thing the price went down. It is the eye of the buyer that sets the price the only offer was $430.00. That is the one and only price and sale of a guitorgan I have seen. I don't understand why they make them but they do. I don' know if is a bidding war you have going on but give him a low price and come up if you need.
I would ask for more details but I won't because this is very uncommon instrument and I have nothing to compare it to. Good condition and you want it go for it. I doubt you will ever find another chance to buy one. I made some calls and did some searches, seems you and I are about the only ones that know of guitorgans. Cool! Thanks for writing Brian.  

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