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I've got one of those old Carvin PB-500 solid state bi-amped bass amps with banana plug outs for bridged mono, the amp still works bi-amped, but the female end of the banana plug got loose and broke off the wires from the actual amp itself on the inside, this happened once before a few years ago, and I was able to resolder it, but now there is not enough to reach, so ill have to replace that bit of wire and resolder it, I was just wondering if you might be able to tell me what kind of wire I'd probably need?


Hi, Alec!  I spoke with Carvin's amp service techs and we went through some schematics.  The schematics used at Carvin - particularly for your amp, which is quite old - do not list the gauges of wire used, only the connection arrangement.  We discussed that it's likely that Carvin (as with most large manufacturers) typically use the most cost-efficient wire that they can buy in bulk.  While the connectors themselves may be critical, high-end, the wire itself is usually just a cross-the-board type that serves its purpose.  Without being able to visually inspect the gauge myself, I'd suggest removing the existing wire completely and taking it to an electronics store (I love Fry's Electronics) so that service personnel can help you closely match the wire already used.  It should be readily available via spool at most large stores like Fry's and Radio Shack.  I hope this helps!

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