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Electric Guitars/Aria pro 2. That model is? It's Korea or Japan?



Hi Johnny, I write from South America, I know that this model is Aria pro 2, and if it was made ​​in Korea or Japan. I can not find in any catalog. And has no tags in the body or in any place. The microphones were switched. Maybe be an ES-200 or one of the TA series. But I can not identify it. The serial is 7120721. Please await your response and help. Greetings, and thanks to you, and the Google translator :)

Hey Brian,

Thanks for writing! Your guitar, based on serial number decoding was manufactured around 1971 which means it was made in Japan. Also, the neck plate, on the back of the guitar at the base of the neck, has the inscription found from the Japanese years of production. As for models, I'd say an ES-200 but Aria made a large number of models during the 1970s. Let me know if you need more detailed information. Stay in touch...Johnny

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