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guitar neck
guitar neck  
Hello, Johnny! I just bought this electric guitar with the case at a garage sale and I can't find a maker name or name plate. It is in very nice condition. Jet Black with a small sticker that says "sk-51" on the rear top of the neck. It has all kinds of knobs and three switches. Neck appears to be wood on the front.

Hey Joy,

Thanks for writing! I'm sorry it took awhile to get back to you but this is a tough question. It looks like one of the Japanese Stratocaster (Fender's flagship guitar) copies from the 1970s. TO get you further information, I have to ask you a few additional questions. First, is there any name anywhere on the guitar? Look on the back of the guitar where the neck bolts into the body for a serial number or any other markings. Also, did you buy this guitar used and in so, when did you buy (include price you paid). What makes it unique is the three slide switches, rather than the traditional Fender single sliding switch used for controlling the pickups. Let me know about the above questions and I'll try to figure out who made this and when. This is a tough question but I'll keep at it. Write me back...Johnny

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