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QUESTION: Hi Johnny, I just bought a Phoenix by Electra Bass with a serial number of 2121066. No other markings except "Made in Japan" on the neck plate. Any idea or the manufacture date or value? Plays and sounds great! Thanks, Lamar

ANSWER: Hey Lamar,

Thanks for writing! The Phoenix Series started being made in the early 1980s being discontinued in 1984. Can you send me a photograph of the bass? This will help me nail down the model and value. They made five models of the Phoenix Bass, all within a few years of one another so I photograph would greatly help. Let me know...Johnny

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Phoenix Bass
Phoenix Bass  

Phoenix Bass 2
Phoenix Bass 2  
QUESTION: I can send a close up of the headstock too if you need it.  Thanks, Lamar

Hey Lamar,

Thanks for writing back with the photographs which are a great help. This is one of the later models probably 1983-84. Since it had been a number of years since the Gibson Lawsuit, which covered patent infringement regarding other manufacturers such as Fender, Electra had starting making their basses with their own design instead of simply copying a Fender bass and changing the headstock profile to be within the limits of the patent laws. As for value, it is considered a "vintage" instrument and I'd put a value of about $700 in today's market. Unfortunately, the guitar and bass market is a bit soft do to the economy. Also, this is an "auction" market value. By that, I mean auction markets such as Ebay, etc, where you have people bidding against one another which can drive the price up. Let me know if you need anything else. Stay in touch...Johnny

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